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MOM & GIGGLES Plant Protein Powder For Women 500gm – (Chocolate)

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MOMS & GIGGLES Plant-Based Women protein powder in Chocolate Flavour is derived entirely from plant-based sources, offering a sustainable and eco-friendly protein option. Our Chocolate women’s protein powder helps maintain steady energy levels throughout the day, supporting an active lifestyle that’s essential for women’s overall health to make a delicious meal instantly.

  • 64% of the protein is premium pea protein.
  • Appropriate for those with gluten, lactose, soy, and nut allergies.
  • There are no artificial sweeteners and only organic jaggery sweeteners.
  • It has 16% of the protein found in brown rice, sunflower seeds, and pumpkin seeds.
  • It contains biotin for long hair and healthy nails.
  • Protein in Each Serving: 22g.

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The protein powder MOMS & GIGGLES Plant-Based Women is made completely of plant-based ingredients, making it an environmentally friendly and sustainable protein choice. This women’s protein powder promotes an active lifestyle, which is critical for women’s general health, by helping to sustain consistent energy levels throughout the day.

It is expertly made, put through quality and purity tests, and supported by a dedication to your happiness and well-being. Iron, calcium, magnesium, and vitamin D are just a few of the extra nutrients that are often included in women’s plant protein powders and are crucial for their health.

Given that women are more likely to experience iron deficiency and anaemia, iron is particularly important for them. These women’s plant protein powders are made to meet a variety of dietary requirements by being gluten-free and free of common allergens like dairy, soy, and nuts.

10 reviews for MOM & GIGGLES Plant Protein Powder For Women 500gm – (Chocolate)

  1. Divya Dodiya

    I was skeptical at first, but MOM & GIGGLES Plant Protein Powder exceeded my expectations! My little ones can’t resist the chocolate flavor, and I’m thrilled knowing they’re fueling their bodies with plant-based goodness. Highly recommend!

    Divya Dodiya
  2. kinjal dave, noida

    This is the best protein for girls with poor gut health! Keeps you full, is also easy to digest.

    Taste is amazing with smoothies.

    I love the ingredient list – so so clean and the herbs for digestion are also mentioned. Nothing suspicious here. Been loving mom&giggles protein since over a year now!!!

    kinjal dave, noida
  3. kriti sharma, kota

    Ordered the Chocolate flavour.

    Mom&giggles Plat Protein does not contain any artificial flavour or thickeners and that itself is a big win!

    It blends easily and is smooth, I mix it with water and it tastes a lil chalky but still better that the alternate brands available.
    Occasionally, I use it to make pancakes. In short, with no added sugar and being lactose free, 100% vegan it helps me curb my cravings and stay more active.

    kriti sharma, kota
  4. monika gupta, nagpur

    Vegan, natural ingredients, easy to digest
    This is my second order. Taste wise it is good, you consume with milk, smoothies also with water. It is light on stomach. As per the ingredients mentioned, it is all natural so somewhat feels safe to consume.
    Parcel packaging was simple, practical, minimal & had company’s seal/ adhesive tape so feels genuine. Delivery was slow but as per the commitment. Overall satisfied.

    monika gupta, nagpur
  5. ayushi, bhopal

    I have been using mom&giggles plant protein powder for 5 months now. It is easy to digest and doesn’t bloat me. The flavours are also good and don’t taste overly sweet like some other options available

    ayushi, bhopal
  6. sharda, indore

    Contents, quality everything is great about this protein. Easy to digest and flavours to diversify taste

    sharda, indore
  7. niharika, kerala

    the taste is good. Not bad. I like it. Even after drinking I felt energetic and active. it is good not bad

    niharika, kerala
  8. anchal, Jaipur

    i am 19 year girl. I bought choco flavour. Love the content

    anchal, Jaipur
  9. meenal, mumbai

    hi i am 20year old girl, I tried other vegan protein until I stumbled upon this protein powder. I’m currently on my 2nd packet. It’s that good. I like that unlike other protein powder this one has good mixability, no chances of getting choked while drinking. I might try other flavours but chocolate is good in itself for now.

    meenal, mumbai
  10. sonal, delhi

    This is a very good quality protein based on plants for health freaks like me. I would highly recommend this. Amazing taste and many health benefits

    sonal, delhi
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